2018 March 16

METCON: 1min row for cal 1min burpee with 6” target 1min farmer carry for distance 2min row 2min burpee with 6” target 2min farmer carry 3min row 3min burpee with 6” target 3min farmer carry *30sec rest in between sets

2018 March 13

STRENGTH: HSPU progressions METCON: Partner WOD 0:00-5:00 – 10 GHD Situp – AMRAP Strict HSPU 1min rest 6:00-11:00 – 20sec L-sit hold – AMRAP Strict HSPU 1min rest 12:00-17:00 – 30 hollow rocks – AMRAP Strict HSPU *partner A on fixed rep scheme core movement while partner B on Strict HSPU