CrossFit Quick (LunchWOD)

CrossFit Quick at Vidatha are 45 minute sessions of short, high intensity workouts which use full-body exercises. These sessions are constantly varied, challenging & potent.

The 45minute coached sessions will consist of a warm-up, movement lesson, workout & warm-down. Workouts will utilize bodyweight movements such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats and pull-ups; weightlifting movements using kettlebells, medicine balls and dumbbells as well as sprinting in the form of running, rowing and/or jumping rope.

Theses sessions are for those of us who find it tough to allocate time for workouts before and after office hours but have that small window to workout during lunch.

10 classes – RM 300.00
*Drop-in – RM 40.00

Prerequisites: None
*for single drop-in sessions, please send us an email at least 24 hours before the class with details of the exact timeslot you’d like to attend.