Before you get started, we want you to get a solid foundation, and to experience what CrossFit has to offer.
Our On-Ramp program is your introductory handshake to the CrossFit world, where we will introduce you to some of the basic movements, intensity and etiquette of CrossFit.
This is 4 one-on-one classes scheduled based on your availability and our trainer’s availability.
Each class runs for 1 hour where you will go through a warm-up, learn CrossFit through lecture & movements, a challenging workout (WOD) and end with a quick cool down.
Once you have completed our On-Ramp Program, you can sign up as a member and start joining our CrossFit Group classes.

*If you plan to continue with our regular classes, we would highly recommend signing up within 2 months after the on-ramp to ensure smooth transition to our training.
*After the 2-month period you will be required to go through the on-ramp again if you would like to sign up as a regular member.​