2020 Jan 8

You either can do the pull-up and don’t think much about it, or you can’t (yet) do a pull-up and dream of achieving this feat. And why not? The pull-up is an amazing compound exercise that is so beneficial for you!
Pull-ups work multiple joint + muscles all at once (your biceps, back and core)
Doing this regularly will strengthen your upper body and it’s also a great way to work on that grip strength.
Mastering the basic (strict) pull-ups will also progress you into other advanced movements.
2020 goal? How about working on getting that pull-up 🙂

Teams of 2, for time:
200 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs
150 AbMat Sit-ups
70 Ring Rows
50 Strict Ring Dips
40 Push Jerks, 155/105 lbs
30 Bar Muscle-ups
*35min time cap

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