2020 Jan 16

Ever come across our CrossFit Quick classes and wasn’t quite sure how this differs from our regular CrossFit classes?
Myth: this is easier than a typical CrossFit workout
It’s actually very similar to our regular CrossFit classes, in the sense that we still do constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.
The main difference is:

  1. Our CrossFit Quick classes are a little shorter – 45 minute classes currently scheduled in the lunch hour so you can get a really good workout done quickly and still get on with your day.
  2. It’s focused on Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) and exclude more challenging CrossFit movements (ie: handstand pushups, muscle ups, rope climbs, Olympic lifts). Instead, we use body weight and some equipments (balls, boxes, dumbbells, kettlebells, jump ropes, rower, resistance bands, rings and bike)

Why try out our CrossFit Quick classes?

  1. This class is designed to burn fat, build muscle and increase endurance, flexibility and stamina.
  2. Just like any of our classes, each class will be coached from start to end .
  3. You do not need to go through our Fundamentals before joining.
  4. It really caters to ALL LEVELS, seasoned CrossFitter looking to build your engine or newbie who wants to try CrossFit but might feel a little apprehensive at joining a CrossFit class.

You can do a single drop in for our CrossFit Quick class to see if this is something you’d enjoy.
Come try a class to see how FUN (and challenging) it can be!
It’s good to note that if you’re doing our CrossFit Quick classes, you have the option to progress into our regular CrossFit classes if you feel “ready” or interested to learn more.

7 rounds for quality of:
3 Overhead Squats, 75% 1RM
9 Strict Pull-ups
*go on every 5 minutes

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