What is your goal? (Setting Goals) PART 1

Here are some of the most common goals I hear!
1)’I want to be fit’,
2)’I want to lose weight’,
3)’I want to look like you bro’,
4)’I want to do a bar muscle up’ (without being able to do 1 strict pull up)
and my favourite one of all
5)’I want to be skinny but big oso.’

These are the beautiful sounds of blessings that befalls on my tender innocent trainer’s ears. (Apart from my metal music).
All these ‘goals’(statements about nothing) are extremely vague and useless in terms of setting meaningful mountains of achievements to climb.

Try binding meaningless goals to S.M.A.R.T. goals!
Specific- Be as specific as you can. Best thing to do is using numbers.
Measurable- Can you measure your progress at any point during the week/ month/ year?
Attainable- What is the success rate of your goal?
Realistic- Is it within the realm of being reasonable and achievable?
Time Bound – When do you hope to achieve this by?

For example:
1)’I want to lose weight.’
S.M.A.R.T Goals – I want to lose 6kgs in 6 months by losing 1 kilo every month by eating right and working out more consistently.
2)’I want to look like you bro.’
S.M.A.R.T Goals – I want to attain a physique that is hand chiselled by the God of Beauty Herself in 6 months by doing a little bit more isolation accessory exercises after class and eating a surplus of 300 calories daily to achieve muscle growth that is comparable to you….bro…. 😉 (you get the idea).

If you seek to achieve your fitness goals, start here.
Here are a few examples that might jog your fitness hunger drive!
I want to get my first strict pull up by the end of the year or earlier!
I want to add 20 lbs to my back squat by the end of July
I want to run a mile in 8 Minutes by September
I want to look like you Adrian! (o shucks stahhhp).

Having clear distinct goal is going to help us get on the right page and it’s going to be easier for us to communicate ways to conquer your ‘Goliath’.
If you need guidance with this, you know where I work.


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