Setting goals -‘Asking yourself the most important question- Why?’ (PART 2)

By now you would have read my post on ‘What is your goal?’

And I hope you have made some changes and set some S.M.A.R.T goals for yourself!

The next thing you need to ask yourself is: Why?
Why do you want to get fitter and have better capacity to do work? Why do you want to lose weight?

For most of us the reasons are well justified, we want to be fitter because we want to have the stamina and the ability to play with our kids at the park (even though some workouts leave us walking a little funny the next few days). Or we want to lose weight because we want to feel more energetic and look better for our partner and even to admire that sexy ‘thang’ staring back at us in the mirror. (Self love is important, I know you love me, I love me too!)

Make the reason why you set your goals pure and do it for yourself. Making goals to please others usually leave you feeling unsatisfied and empty.

For example,
I want to be deadlift more weights.
I want to prove to others that I am stronger than them and flex on the ‘gram’ or to prove to people on how great I am on social media
I want to continually improve on my strength because I’ve worked hard on my technique and I want to see how strong I can actually get!

2 distinct reasons for why someone might want to get stronger.

This was me. One left me feeling empty in a meaningless competition of self worth and approval seeking from others that didn’t matter to me. The other got me feeling a sense of achievements and had me searching for other fitness mountains to conquer.

Everyone in the box is looking to improve their fitness, but their reasons might be different. We spend a little more than an hour together without knowing their reasons or someone’s story. Every individual has their own reasons why.

So now ask yourself. Why do you want to achieve your goals?

A friend once told me: ‘if it’s important to you, you will find a way.’

If you have fitness goals backed up by humble reasoning, put your head down spend some time after class and work on them with a smile and chase those fitness goals of yours.
Don’t let your dreams just be in your sleep! Realise them!


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