A tale of Red Hooded Flower Girl.

On a beautiful countryside, lived a village of happy healthy people. In this village, there is an wise old lady who owned a large field of the most beautiful purple and red roses. There were hundreds even thousands of them!

One day a Red Hooded Flower Girl stumbled across this field of dreams and was infatuated by the sight and smell of the vibrant meadow. 

Deeply obsessed with owning some dreamy purple and red roses, the girl looked for the person who cared for these roses. 

After finding the wise old lady who was grooming for her flowers, the girl asked in a shy soft tone, ‘Excuse me my lady, is it possible for me to take some roses to liven up my home?’

The wise old lady replied with a gentle sweet smile, ‘Why of course! But you can only pick one a day.’

After hearing the crackly reply from the lady, the girl became upset because the girl lived a distance away and wasn’t happy about leaving with just 1 rose. She was planning on leaving with 4 or 5 of them! 

The girl bit her lip and answered with a quivering voice of disappointment, ‘Okay, one it is then.’ After her response, she spent the 1 hour searching and choosing the most beautiful rose she could find. By dusk, she went home and cared for her one rose.

Waking up the next day, the girl was greeting by the sight of the magical rose that she picked the day before she was filled with joy and it made her happy. She skipped back to that field of that wise old lady.

Upon seeing the girl, the wise old lady lifted her straw hat, grinned warmly and welcomed her, ‘Are you back for another?’

‘Yes! I’m here for a purple rose this time!’ The girl replied with a little bit more confidence than the day before.

‘Go on ahead sweet child.’ The wise old lady exclaimed.

The girl spent the next hour searching and picking the best purple rose that she could find and skipped home with content.

This routine happened for 2 weeks and before you know it, the girl’s home had a bouquet of 14 exquisitely amazing red and purple roses.

The girl became greedy and wanted to pick more, so she questioned the wise old lady the next day, ‘Excuse me ma’am, why wouldn’t you let me pick more than 1 flower per day? Why can’t I leave with 2 or 3?’ said with frustration and hurriedness.

The wise old lady stood up slowly from her pruning, placed her hand on the girl’s shoulder and explained, ‘Because my child….. if you only had limited time a day, I want you to only focus on choosing the best rose with all your attention given to detail to that rose. With only one rose allowed to be chosen per day, you can be assured you would be choosing the best looking one. You wouldn’t rush through the process and fill your home with half flourishing roses would you?’

Hearing the response of the wise old lady, the girl reluctantly agreed and continued her search for the day.

Weeks became months, months became years. The red hooded girl had now become a woman and owned a sizeable rose field. 

Looking out at her rose field of vibrant colours from her kitchen window, she smiled with complacent and was satisfied with what she had accomplished.

‘one rose a day’.

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