While the government mandate SOPs with regards to cleaning are already practices we have in place, we want everyone to have a clear understanding of what we’re doing since we’ve reopened.
We hope this provides assurance to everyone stepping into our gym that your safety and wellness is a priority to us.



  • Temperature checks for all members will be done at the entrance of the gym.
  • Any reading above 37.4 degrees Celsius will be declined entry.
  • All attendees will have to sign in the mySejahtera app before joining the class.
  • All attendees must have a face mask worn at all times (however, you can remove it during the workout).
  • Be sure to arrive at least 15-mins before your class.



  • Class bookings via our booking system are required prior to showing up. If you have not made a booking online, you will not be allowed entry.
  • We have revised our capacity for each class to ensure everyone has their own designated workout area.
  • Workout equipment for the day will be placed in each designated area. Any change of equipment will be done by the coach.
  • Attendees are required to wipe down their own equipment.
  • A clean towel and disinfecting spray are provided in each designated area.
  • Please note that all equipments are still frequently cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • We no longer have a communal chalk bucket. Instead, you can purchase them from our front desk if required.
  • We have allocated a 30-minute gap between classes to facilitate cleaning/disinfecting of the gym and also to avoid overcrowding.
  • Hugs, fist bumps, and high-fives post WOD should be avoided. Yes, sadly.



  • We have 2 shower cubicles available for a quick shower if necessary.
  • However, during these times we highly recommend showering at home if possible.
  • Once you have completed your class, please exit via our back door where you’ll drop-off your wipe cloth in a laundry bin before leaving.
  • Kindly leave as soon as possible to avoid any overcrowding and allow space for the next class members.



  • Please be assured that temperature checks for all our coaches are done before their classes.
  • All purchases (drinks, bars, tees, chalk) will be cashless and contactless.
  • We have a weekly online workout option for those who are more comfortable staying at home but want to still continue working out. This is open to everyone of all levels.



  • In addition to regular cleaning and disinfecting before and after every class, a thorough cleaning and professional disinfecting of the entire gym is done daily.
  • We have installed a professional-grade air purifier that purifies and disinfects the air in our gym throughout the day.
  • Sanitiser stations are placed at multiple locations (entrance, in the shower area, exit).


If you have questions or concerns, feel free to write to us at crossfitvidatha@gmail.com